As 2018 comes to an end I ‘d like to thank all of my Pilates teachers ( Jihye Kim, Jacqueline Martin, Kyunghye Sinclair, Sue Spinelli, Nan-Young Kim, Daniela Escobar and Els Lobbedey ) for all they’ve taught me over the past year.  These are teachers that I see at least once a week. These are the teachers that trust me to teach them.  They are all better at Pilates than I am, so I spend most of their workouts asking them to do things I can’t.

Karen Frischmann once told me that one learns to teach by osmosis.  I believe that’s true because I see the teachers I teach getting better and not always because of what I’ve taught them.  I share many of these teachers with Karen Frischmann, Sandy Shimoda and Debbie Young and of course Jay Grimes who taught all of us.  So I feel I’m learning from these teachers as well.

I’m going to try this year not to be so lazy and put all of this osmosis into my own workouts.

Thank you teachers!!!

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